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Reviews and Awards for Films by Harrison Engle:    

Narrated by George C. Scott
ABC Network, Arts & Entertainment Network, The History Channel – 2 Hours

"Extraordinary, moving, magnificent! Just about everyone should see it. A brilliant biographical portrait of TR. Watching this film is like taking a deep breath of Roosevelt's life. It makes you want to cheer, and then it makes you want to cry!"

                              --- Tom Shales, The Washington Post

"This critic does not have the slightest idea how programming like this came to pass... it is entirely refreshing. It takes considerable audacity for a producer -- here it is Harrison Engle -- to give us something like this now. One of the year's best!"

                          --- John Corry, The New York Times

"The two-hour program is a is TV's equivalent of a great read and shouldn't be missed...the product of inspired direction by Harrison Engle."

                                              --- Howard Rosenberg, The Los Angeles Times

"The quality of the vintage material is, in many cases, so breathtaking, and the life story under consideration so exciting, that the film's overall impact is considerable!"

          --- Todd McCarthy, Variety

"A truly superb film...full of fireworks and the strong, clear light befitting a country that once knew exactly where it was going. Engle has literally made Teddy live again."

                            --- John Bloom, Dallas Times Herald

"This excellent and innovative documentary artfully mixes historical footage with meticulous recreations featuring Bob Boyd in the role of T.R. Stirring!"

                          --- Leonard Maltin, TV Movies 1999

"For history buffs… Harrison Engle’s inspired Emmy-nominated chronicle of the country’s youngest president is splendid!"

                                                 --- Susan King, Los Angeles Times August, 1999

"I love this film! I saw it as an ABC television special over ten years ago. Teddy had a full life and this film does a good job of fitting it into roughly two hours. I like this film so much that I show it in its entirety each year in the U.S. course that I teach."

                                                                  --- Jim Bernat, Chestertown, NY, Amazon Online, 2001


Narrated by Roddy McDowall
American Movie Classics Network /Universal Pictures /Universal Home Video

"A thirty minute film about the fame and power of Hitchcock's romantic thriller. Superbly produced and directed by Harrison Engle!"

                                            --- Jeffrey Wells, Los Angeles Times Syndicate

"A first-rate reexamination of a confoundingly complex picture. A welcome addition to film history and Hitchcock lore."

                          --- Jerry Roberts, Cinemania OnLine

"Harrison Engle's enlightening and entertaining film details the legends that have grown up around Hitchcock's lovingly restored erotic thriller!"

                             --- Tom Shales, The Washington Post

Narrated by Burt Lancaster
Arts and Entertainment Network – One Hour

"Jazz Movie of the Year! Unquestionably, one of the best music documentaries ever produced. Truly worthy of its subject."

                                 --- Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times

"A classic tribute to a great American and a great jazzman! A must-see for anyone involved in American Social history."

                                  --- Phil Elwood, San Francisco Examiner

Narrated by Jason Robards
Turner Network Television - 2 Hours

"Jason Robards narrates this special which is not only an unfailingly dramatic look at Israel, the British and the Arabs, but also a chronicle of world history...a riveting work!"

                                             --- Dorothy Rabinowitz, The Wall Street Journel

wards and Screenings

American Film Institute Theater, John F. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.; AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival; Northwest Film and Video Center; San Francisco Jazz Festival; American Film Festival; National Educational Film Festival; Chicago Film Festival (Silver Hugo); Cindy Awards; Columbus Film Festival; International Film & TV Festival of New York; Learning AV Award; FILMEX; Berlin International Film Festival; Cleveland International Film Festival; San Francisco International Film Festival; EMMY Nominations; Joseph Campbell Centennial; Christopher Awards; Angel Award; IDA Awards Film Festival; CINE Golden Eagles; Nyon (Switzerland) Film Festival; Western Heritage Award; USA Film Festival; the National Archives; presidential screening at the White House, many others.