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"I want to bring a fresh sense of cinema to each new film, to utilize all of the creative tools available – in   directing, cinematography, design and editing - to tell a story with drama and feeling. As an independent filmmaker, I strive to create thoughtful, provocative works, to engage the audience in the life of the characters. As a director, I seek out the key dramatic and visual elements, and then evoke them boldly, creatively, and with strong, heartfelt emotion."


Harrison Engle has made more than eighty films and television programs over a multi-award-winning career. His work has been seen on CBS, ABC, History, A&E, Discovery, TNT, and PBS; in theaters and at many special events. His productions often deal with history, biography and the arts. Harrison has also served as a university educator and an entertainment industry executive.  In 2007, he spoke about film in Chengdu, China. In 2009, he traveled to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia, for the US State Department’s American Documentary Showcase. In 2011, the History channel ran multiple presentations of his new 2-hour special, “The LOST Kennedy Home Movies,” narrated by Liev Schrieiber. And in 2012, he traveled to cities in South Korea to screen and speak about films for the US State Department and USC School of Cinematic Arts.

want my films to inspire, entertain, inform and to ultimately create an appreciation for the precious values of life."